6/18/2013 01:34:00 PM

Holograms Greet Fliers at Airport Security

A hologram at Edinburgh Airport; photo courtesy of Tensator
The future is here folks. And her name is Carla. The reportedly $26,000 holographic avatar instructs travelers in line at Boston Logan International Airport in how to prepare for security screenings. Similar "virtual assistants" work 24-7 at airports in Istanbul, Long Beach, Dubai, Washington Dulles and Macau. Art and design magazine Domus explores the future of these holograms in their latest issue. By next year companies hope to produce interactive holograms that can answer questions about flight times, gate locations and rental car info via touch screen interfaces or voice recognition a la Siri. What do you think? Can holograms improve the airport experience? Or do you prefer live assistance when flying?


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