6/17/2013 06:50:00 PM

Help The Park's Finest BBQ Grow in Echo Park

Kickstarter and Indiegoogo are fast becoming tools for restaurateurs, budding or otherwise, to fund new and existing projects. Locally, Echo Park's Elf Cafe asked for help last year, and Red Bread has a campaign going now to open its brick-and-mortar bakery and cafe. Today we caught wind of The Park's Finest BBQ, which is looking for $20,000 to hire a slew of new team members and get the Echo Park spot ready for its inevitable onslaught after its Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives appearance in July. Heck, it worked the first time: they raised $20,000 to open the doors in the first place.

It's a known fact that, while we can't stand the glasses on the back of his head, any restaurant that appears on Guy Fieri's Food Network show, there's a ton of new business. The Park's Finest is a hidden gem known for it's Filipino-inspired barbecue, and the staff of 12 has run the place like a well-oiled machine over the last two years. "Up until this point, we’ve been surviving, plate to plate, customer to customer, making ends meet like every other person in Echo Park. It’s a been wild, fun, and educational ride so far...But everything will change in a month," the owners say on Kickstarter.

With the sudden increase in business, they need to prepare. They've only raised $4,200 so far, with only five days left to make it to $20,000. We hope they can make it, if only to make sure the next time we want cornbread bibingka, coconut beef or those amazing ribs, we don't have to fight unorganized lines.


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