6/06/2013 10:28:00 AM

Gotham West Market Announces Full (and Epic) Group of Purveyors

A rendering of the building
The Gotham West Market has generated some buzz among foodies since it was announced that Ivan Orkin would be setting up his first ramen shop outside of Japan at the property, which is located in the ground floor of a new residential building. Well, we just heard the full lineup of vendors that will share the space with him (which is the size of a fully city block) and we are pretty much freaking out. Seamus Mullen, The Cannibal, Blue Bottle Coffee and others are going to change the face of the Hell's Kitchen Culinary world. Here's what you can expect at the day to night market, which will be designed by AvroKo and feature indoor and outdoor seating areas:

1. The Daily Roadside - a casual burger joint from the AvroKO folks
2. Ramen Junkie - Orkin's aforementioned slurp shop
3. El Colmado - a Spanish tapas bar from Tertulia's Seamus Mullen (this one gets a woot woot!)

4. The Cannibal - an offshoot of Christian Pappanicholas' Murray Hill joint that will operate as a butcher shop during the day and a small plates eatery at night 5. Saltie etc. - Caroline Fidanza will serve a farm-to-table menu inspired by her joint Saltie in Brooklyn
6. Court Street Grocers - from the folks behind the outpost with the same name in Brooklyn
7. Blue Bottle Coffee - this will the coffee chain's 12th location
8. Brooklyn Kitchen - will run a demo kitchen and specialty retail shop
The market is scheduled to open this fall.

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