6/04/2013 04:18:00 PM

Get Your Goat: 5 Surprisingly Juicy Goat Dishes

Lenoir's goat terrine
On a recent trip to Lenoir, we were blown away by a seared goat terrine: the rich harissa bolstered the lean, braised meat, and the crisp exterior contrasted with the pot roast consistency in the best way. Then the next week, we got down with some killer goat ribeye at Trace.

Lenoir chef Todd Duplechan says he “has been hearing that goat is the next big thing for literally the last 12 years.” However, he says he has “dabbled in goat” over the years, but that it always fell flat with customers. But now the meat is making its way onto menus across town. So is it finally goat’s time to shine? And if so, why now?

Both Duplechan and Swift’s Attic chef Zack Northcutt attribute the success to Ty Wolosin’s Windy Hill Farm in nearby Comanche, Texas. Austin chefs and foodies alike are noticing that the naturally raised meat is less gamey and more “transcendent” (at least according to Duplechan).

It’s true that Austinites have become more adventurous in their eating across the board. Around town you’ll find kangaroo, rattlesnake, turtle, rabbit and now goat. “Who knows,” Duplechan quipped, “maybe in a few years we’ll all be eating copious amounts of goat and applauding ourselves for being so progressive.” We might be healthier too, since goat is actually a lean protein, is lower in saturated fat and is easier to digest than other meats.

Lenoir has since rotated into a new round of summer dishes and doesn’t offer the terrine. But here are five dishes around town where you can get good goat.


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