6/28/2013 10:00:00 AM

France Sends PQM a Sausage Cease and Desist

The French are not happy. On second though, when are the French ever happy? They are especially perturbed at Publican Quality Meats. The scuffle stems from a particular sausage – the Morteau. Morteau sausage, also known as Belle de Morteau, is a smoked sausage made from fatty pigs raised in the mountains of eastern France. Sausages made in a similar style, but from different pigs, cannot legally be called Morteau. It’s the same reason why not just any old sparkling wine can be called Champagne. Hench Publican Quality Meat’s dilemma: The sausage must be renamed, because it is made with local pork.

The restaurant launched a Facebook contest to rename the sausage. Suggestions include everything from “Not Morteau” to “Pardon my French” and “‘Murica Meat” as well as the wordy “Overly-Sensitive Small French Commune Sausage.” The winning entry, selected on July 4, received one of every kind of sausage in the butcher case. Help save the sausage, a prevent Publican Quality Meats from getting sued, by suggesting a name for the encased French-style meat.


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