6/07/2013 12:49:00 PM

First Look: Charlie Bird Takes Off on King Street

Chef Ryan Hardy is up and running with Charlie Bird, a new eatery that makes its perch on King Street. You'd never guess that the sleek spaces housed short-lived King, which was dark, hushed an felt way more formal then this spot. The designers added elements of playfulness with yellow leather banquettes and photos of old-school boomboxes by artist Lyle Owerko (we also hear that chef Ryan Hardy picked the similarly upbeat soundtrack of '90s tunes and hip hop).

The menu is heavy on the locally sourced veggies and takes some inspiration from Italian cuisine, with dishes like a chitarra nero with Calabrian chilies, crab, fennel. That's about the darkest thing you'll find in this sun-drenched room, and although it was not so nice out when we dropped by for a peek, you can also enjoy your meal in a 50 seat garden. Charlie Bird is located at 5 King Street, scope out some more food and interior photography below.


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