6/25/2013 10:00:00 AM

First-Ever Barbecue Results Are Live: Texas-Style Is Tops, Ribs Best Brisket

This year we conducted our first-ever BBQ Survey to settle the epic debates that surround the smoker, like is it acceptable to lick your fingers after digging into those ribs (damn right it is!)? A total of 1,559 individuals took our 'cue-centric survey, and if the stats are any indication, there is a bit of a gender divide on barbecue land. About 67% of respondents were male, begging the question: is barbecue the ultimate dude food? Read on to see what topped the list of favorite styles, ingredients and much more, and for a look at what our surveyors didn’t love so much, check out this piece on BBQ pet peeves.


  1. The reason why Texas won is simply because that's what people are accustomed to from other places in the US. You don't get Carolina BBQ anywhere else other than in the deep South. But plain/bland Texas BBQ is everywhere.

    1. Texas barbecue is rich and varied. What you find outside of the state is no representation of what you find in state. Texas won because it has a long history with barbecue and the food is good. The state is big, so there are many different types than what you "think" is Texas style. Of course, people do get all worked up over the mere mention of this style of food.

  2. Oh I wish I were at your house!! I LOVE brisket, but never make it and don't own a smoker. I'll just salivate here alone. Yummy!!!

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