6/14/2013 03:16:00 PM

Eric Ripert's Cure for Altitude Sickness: Have a Rum Punch

Eric Ripert: not too cool for a mini umbrella
With Aspen F&W Classic day one in full swing, we joined Chef Eric Ripert and a sea of visiting journalists for a Cayman Cookout lunch, inspired by his annual feast in the Caymans in January. We chatted with the charming toque while he sipped a rum punch garnished with a mini tropical umbrella and commiserated over our delayed flights out to Denver. We've been turning down drinks all day, fearing it might bring on altitude sickness (it's our first time in Colorado), but Ripert reassured us: "Nah, having a drink will set the perfect buzz for the rest of the weekend." Oui, chef. We'll take that as an order.


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