6/18/2013 01:47:00 PM

Distrito Launches Taco Tuesdays and New Tasting Menus

For the first four and a half years of its existence, Distrito was pretty much Taco-Tuesday-free. Not anymore. Now you can hit up the Jose Garces cantina in West Philly each Tuesday from 5-7 PM to score $2 tacos along with other new happy hour deals. It’s all part of a revamp that also brings a handful of new dishes and two new tasting menu options.

Chef de cuisine Susan Vanvreede collaborated with the Iron Chef on bites like chicharrones with queso fresco and short rib huaraches, and also slightly fancier entrees like a pan-roasted duck breast or salpicon de langosta (chilled Maine lobster salad with purple potatoes).

If you want to fully experience Vanvreede’s talents, opt for one of the new tasting menus. The regular version is called the “Diego Rivera,” and brings three courses of several items each, followed by a dessert ($45). For $10 more, you can go for the “Frida Kahlo,” which is the same number of courses, but features off-menu dishes - whatever the chef’s creativity inspires.


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