6/18/2013 11:32:00 AM

Cronut Wannabes Hit Chicago: The Cronut Vs. the Dossant

Last week, we were at Green City Market when we saw a crow take off from the grass with an entire donut in its beak. “Oh look, that must be the crow-nut everyone is talking about,” we said. “It finally flew all the way to Chicago.” Sadly, we were misinformed, and this surprisingly strong bird with a taste for fried dough was not the trend sweeping the nation. A Cronut is, in fact, a donut made with croissant dough that is filled with custard and topped with a touch of floral frosting.

What’s the big deal? What's the allure of this creation, invented by New York City baker Dominique Ansel, that has people lining up at the crack of dawn, paying upwards of $40 on the donut black market (awesome, by the way, that this exists) and staging riots in the bakery? Well, we live in lame-o Chicago that is too cool, or not cool enough, to lessen itself to fads (though, the glazed croissant at Roeser's Bakery is a delicious alternative). The suburbs, however, are primed for copycats. And sure enough, within weeks of the Cronut crazy sweeping NYC, the first imitations popped 30-45 minutes away from Chicago by car.

One is at Chicago Pastry in Bloomingdale and the other is at Gür Sweets in Elmhurst. You want a Cronut, if only for the fact that once you eat one you can get people to stop talking about them, but two trips to obscure bakeries are a bit excessive (these things don’t travel or keep well, so don’t think about having one shipped). So one questions remains: which fauxnut Cronut reigns supreme?

We know…


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