6/03/2013 01:25:00 PM

Cook's County Attempts the "Cronut"

Over the weekend, we were one of the lucky few salivating over the "cronut" at Cook’s County with co-owner and pastry chef Roxana Jullapat. Some locals were curious to try the confection that's sweeping the East Coast - we’ve heard reports of Cronut scalping and lines for hours with a six count maximum purchase - and at their urging, Jullapat made a batch of the hybrid donut-croissant in her Beverly Boulevard restaurant for a special tasting. So is it worth all the buzz?

While other tables were blissfully eating their pancakes and eggs, we happily indulged in the thin round layers of fried croissant dough topped with sugar and chocolate and vanilla icing. The consensus was that it looked like a puffed-up donut, but we could taste both influences in the baking, especially in the plain sugar version. All in all, Jullapat's version was a home-run, but she remains skeptical that the hybrid will fit in with the philosophy of her baked goods – like any world-class chef, she creates her own dishes, textures and flavors - but also, apparently NYC's Dominique Ansel, who created the Cronut, has a patent pending that would prohibit any new spin on the sweet. For now, the LA Cronut lives on only in our minds, but we're hopeful that this isn't the last we see Jullapat's CroNOT at Cook’s County.


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