6/11/2013 02:45:00 PM

Cocktail-Inspired Macarons From Sugar Philly Truck

At the Vendy Awards on Saturday, the Sugar Philly truck was offering four completely new French macarons. Chef Dan Tang decided to use four of his favorite Philly bars as inspiration for four sweet bites, each one based on a specific drink he and his partners enjoy there.

Naturally, we had to try all of them. Our favorite, the Black Velvet, is based on the half-Guinness, half-cider pint found at Moriarty’s. Battling for the top spot on our list was the Boulevardier, named after Lemon Hill’s cocktail with bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters and citrus. The Great White is dedicated to Zahav (Turkish coffee with honey, walnut and cardamom), and Distrito inspired the Hemingway, with the flavors of spicy tequila, citrus and cherries.

Though these flavors were special for the Vendys, if enough people ask for them, maybe Sugar Philly will work them into the regular macaron rotation. We’re hopeful, because we’d love a chance to pair these meringue cookies with the actual cocktails that inspired them.


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