6/18/2013 05:04:00 PM

Charlie Palmer and Alex Stupak Both Scouting for New NYC Venues

Empellon Cocina
At the 25th annual Citymeals-On-Wheels Chefs Tribute this year, which showcased dishes made by top toques from the east and west coasts, some of the talent was relaxed enough to candidly discuss future plans. Charlie Palmer revealed that he is scouting for another New York location. "I'm looking in the Times Square area," said the chef, who explained he was still deliberating about what concept would work best in that neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Alex Stupak has his eye on a third restaurant downtown. "I am looking south of 14th Street," said the chef, who has Empellon Taqueria on West 4th St, and Empellon Cocina at 105 First Ave. "It will be Mexican, but I want to do something focused more on masa, with a price point of about $45 per person."


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