6/07/2013 02:27:00 PM

Borscht, Accordions and Karaoke: Mari Vanna Opens This Month

The NYC and Russian import Mari Vanna is only weeks away from opening in the former Bastide space on Melrose Place. This will be the third location in the States (there's another in Washington, DC), joining others in London and the original in St. Petersburg. For the uninitiated, the restaurant and lounge is known for its "garden-tea-party-meets-Bubushka's-house atmosphere" and over-the-top brunches on the East Coast, which is what the parent company, Ginza Project, is hoping to capture here.

As you can see above, the front has been extensively renovated to look like a country home, and according to reps, this location is a "breezy, carefree answer" to its counterparts. There's an intimate dining room with a fireplace, a sunroom, a 20-seat bar, that beautiful garden patio that we all remember from the Bastide days and... karaoke. The menu skews Russian comfort food, from house-cured herring and borscht to beef stroganoff and stuffed cabbage. At night, it's house-infused vodkas, champagne and dinner accompanied by a real live accordionist. Mari Vanna will make its debut in late June.

8475 Melrose Pl.; 323-655-1977

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  1. I've done karaoke in public twice, both of which were complete and utter disasters. I carry a keychain from when did it on a cruise to remind myself that I could do it, but I'd never voluntarily do it in front of a big group again. On the other hand, I did karaoke in a private room with a bunch of friends a couple of months ago and that was a lot of fun. My husband and I sang "You're My Best Friend" by Queen, which was brilliant. I feel the same way as Ana on Rock Band, except I tend to do very rock-based rather than pop songs. Also, I'm impressed that you were in the Top 10 for Rush! Getty Lee has a very distinctive voice that I'd imagine would be very hard to come close to.