6/28/2013 05:00:00 PM

Boba Tea Drinks Resurging in Popularity

Photo by Tamara Palmer
Tpumps opened on Irving Street in the Sunset back in March, but there is still a line out the door every day for milk teas and boba drinks, despite the fact that there are at least three other busy places to get similar beverages within a two-block radius. We stopped in right as it opened at 11 AM and were advised that this is pretty much the only time when you don't have to wait behind what feels like a nightclub's velvet ropes. The Mission District now has a chance to savor the flavor of the hype now that the Boba Guys have officially opened their own shop at 3491 19th Street. Whereas a lot of the Sunset shops use Coffee Mate and imported mysterious boba balls, the Guys employ Strauss organic milk and organic Five Mountains tea. They're also making almond jelly if the balls aren't your taste.


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