6/18/2013 09:24:00 AM

Best Thing We Drank Last Night: The Mathematican, A Cocktail Grown in Brooklyn

Last night we celebrated our 2013 list of 30 under 30 honorees at The Wythe Hotel, and clearly we needed a signature cocktail to go along with the hip location. Since we had so much booze-world talent on the list this year we asked two honorees to collaborate on a drink, and hence The Mathematician was born. Bridget Firtle of the Noble Experiment distilled the Owney's Rum that makes up the drink's base right in Brooklyn.

She collaborated with Chad Walsh, the spirited Beverage Manager of The Dutch to come up with this ditty. They mixed the homegrown hooch with Orleans Herbal, honey syrup, lime juice and Dolin Genepi, a french aperitif rife with floral notes. It's no lie to say that the collaboration was a smash - the crowd raved about the drink and (even though we were on the clock) we managed to down a couple ourselves. Um, we had to toast the honorees.

Our favorite part of this beverage is its name. The duo coined the moniker with thoughts of some famous prodigies. From Walsh: "It's aptly named, since, like Einstein, most mathematicians tend to do their best work before they turn thirty."


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