6/14/2013 01:38:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Yesterday: Turkey Leg Sandwich at Corazon y Miel

We won't lie: getting to Bell to visit a new restaurant isn't easy for us. But we finally made it to Corazon y Miel, a new Latin-influenced spot that would kill somewhere more central like the Arts District in Downtown LA, on Melrose or even in Mar Vista. It's doing well in Bell, but this is the kind of food any fan of places like Baco Mercat or Animal would get into. In fact, chef Eduardo Ruiz worked at Animal for a few years, and you really sense that influence with dishes like dates wrapped with bacon and filled with whipped cotija cheese, a giant pork belly sandwich smothered in slaw, the wedge salad with chile de arbol blue cheese dressing, and "lomo hash" with braised skirt steak and a fried egg. It's even more apparent with big dishes like the giant turkey leg sandwich.

The entire two-pound leg comes stuffed in soft, toasted bolillo roll, bone and all, with a heaping mound of slaw and pickled vegetables on top. You wiggle the bone out so the meat stays put, douse the whole thing in a slightly piquant chile sauce, and dig in. No one at our table was willing to try and pick the entire thing up, but it's easier to share (you need to) and hit it with forks and knives. The meat was incredible, full of flavor and tender, balanced nicely by the slaw and sauce. Turkey legs, the next big thing. It's exactly what you want to eat after a big night out, especially one fueled by tequila or beer, which you can also get at Corazon.


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