6/03/2013 09:05:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: French Toast Monte Cristo at Cochon

Gene Giuffi is known for his handling of pork - the name of his French bistro translates to “pig” - but his house-smoked turkey is no joke, either. It’s even better when it arrives in steaming chunks between two huge pieces of French toast, as it does in the Monte Cristo offered at Sunday brunch at Cochon.

The French toast is exemplary on its own, thick slices of slightly sweet, not-at-all soggy Brioche infused with egg. It sandwiches not only the turkey, but also house-smoked ham and Swiss cheese. All of that, plus the crispy fries on the side, are drizzled in Mornay sauce, in case each bite wasn’t already rich enough.

“I feel simultaneously energized and like I want to take a nap,” was a comment offered after finishing nearly the entire dish one late afternoon. Next weekend, scoop up a bottle of sparkling Moscato (mix it with grapefruit juice instead of orange to cut the sweetness) and head to the Queen Village BYO for a brunch Paris would be ashamed of ($12; 215-923-7675).


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