6/14/2013 04:09:00 PM

Bay Area Ethnic Restaurants Targeted in PG&E Scam

Be on alert: ethnic restaurants in the East Bay and San Francisco may be falling target to a scam from people purporting to be PG&E. On June 12, Ranjan Dey of SF's New Delhi (who, as we recently mentioned, is planning a culinary field trip to India) responded to a suspicious call that had come into the restaurant. Someone was claiming that his power was about to be disconnected for non-payment, and that he must pay right away. Dey had recently paid his bill, so he knew something was up.

He refused the demand, hung up and called PG&E's business department. A representative informed him that they were investigating similar activity in the East Bay, where other ethnic restaurants had fallen prey and paid. Dey has come forward with his story publicly in hopes of raising awareness and preventing any more restaurants from being conned.

"If you are a restaurant owner with language difficulty, it is easy to become a victim," he says.


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