6/28/2013 06:39:00 PM

Austin’s Top Stories: Paul Qui, Pitmasters and Modern Thai Food

A future dish at Qui? The inspiration board knows all
The past five days have been so much more than barbecue week. We’ve learned about chefs who love CrossFit, pork belly fires on I-35 and special cuttlefish dishes at Uchi. But what were your favorite stories this week? Read on to see what you may have missed.

Inside Qui: What’s Austin’s Star Restaurant Like After One Week? 
Celebrity chef and all-around sweetheart Paul Qui’s restaurant is chic, comfortable and playful, with cups with bunny rabbit tails to hold rabbit consommé and a new avocado Qui lime pie dessert. 

Barbecue Insider: 5 Smokin’ Austin Pitmasters  
Is your favorite barbecue pitmaster friendly Aaron Franklin, beloved curmudgeon John Mueller, hip John Lewis, New York transplant Evan LeRoy or Louis Mueller veteran Lance Kirkpatrick?

A Chat With Spin Modern Thai Chef Ek Timrerk 
We talk with Timrerk about working with Paul Qui at East Side King, modern Thai food and when Titaya’s will reopen, albeit in a much sleeker, more upscale form.


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