6/18/2013 11:51:00 AM

Austin's First Izakaya, The Dojo, to Open in July

Ramen from Ramen Tatsu-Ya, one of the Dojo's competitors
This July, Austin will be home to more than just ramen. The Dojo, our city’s first official izakaya (a Japanese pub), is set to open next month in the former Tokyo Steakhouse space off Burnet Road and 183. The izakaya will specialize in small plates and teppanyaki-like grilled dishes in addition to noodles, all served into the wee hours.

Eater Austin reports that one of the owners, Mike “the Ramen Ninja” Elliott, graduated from the Yamato Noodle School, “which offers week-long crash courses in all things ramen.” For example, the restaurant will serve a hearty vegan ramen that he says will surprise people with its plant-based nature. 

Elliott is the mastermind behind the Nommin’ Noodles truck that opened for SXSW, and he plans to open 1,000 Ramen Ninja’s Nommin’ Noodles around the country. For now, look forward to July, when according to The Dojo’s Facebook page, you’ll be invited to
“come in after work to eat slow, take a load off, relax, and enjoy for a while. Izakaya style eating typically includes ordering multiple izakaya dishes over the course of a couple hours, drinking sake and beer, and finishing with a bowl of hot steamy bowl of ramen or some tasty sweets before calling it a night.”


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