6/14/2013 05:21:00 PM

Austin Musicians Form the Backbeat of Our Food Scene

Austinites listening to music at Jo's during SXSW
Earlier today in our Cocktail Hour post, we highlighted two of Austin’s loves, dogs and drinking. But let’s talk about the third: music.

The Austin Chronicle has profiled six musicians in the food industry, just a drop in the kick drum of our city's deep percussive roots. Sue Davis, the owner of vegan comfort food restaurant Counter Culture (also known as DJ Sue), says, “"Every restaurant in Austin has a musician working there…To me, the restaurant and music industries here are tied together just like the acting business and restaurants in L.A."

Also on the list are Julia Hungerford at vegan Jewish deli trailer Schmaltz, David Thomas Jones at Amy’s Ice Creams, Gus Baker at Magnolia CafĂ©, Tim Bryan at Mister Tramps and Austin’s Pizza delivery guy Caleb Dawson.

And don’t forget Drink.Well’s chef, Jeremy Bruch (aka Jrm), who told us all about his crazy schedule earlier this week, including playing drums for Graham Reynolds.

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