6/13/2013 01:58:00 PM

Austin Food Trailers Gain More National Recognition

Hey You Gonna Eat or What
What do East Side King, the Peached Tortilla and Hey You Gonna Eat or What have in common? All three trailers made the Daily Meal’s list of the 101 best food trucks in America. Paul Qui’s East Side King (# 6) epitomizes the Austin trailer movement, with excellent Asian fusion fare. The Peached Tortilla (#34) offers fusion tacos and the greatest hits from its Yume burger truck, while the much newer Hey You Gonna Eat or What (#89) specializes in pro sandwiches. Marfa’s Food Shark also clocked in, at No. 44, as did Coreanos in Houston, at No. 91, and a few more in Dallas and Houston.

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  1. I may be biased, ok..so I am..and I haven't tried the any other Austin Food Trucks, but when you have found the best why try the rest? Hey You Gonna Eat or What? deserves to be higher on this list none the less, congratulations Eric & Liz!!!