6/16/2013 02:53:00 PM

Aspen F&W Classic 2013: Geoffrey Zakarian's Food Talk Sirius Radio Show

Geoffrey Zakarian and Jose Andres
Chopped's Geoffrey Zakarian did a redux of his Sirius Satellite Radio Food Talk series at this year's Aspen F&W Classic after his first-time performance at Miami's South Beach F&W Festival in February. The guest lineup during the two-hour broadcast was heavy-hitting and extensive, featuring 12 big names like Jose Andres, Daniel Boulud, Marcus Samuelsson and more. We caught the first hour of the show and learned some very interesting fun facts about the first three big-name celebs. Check out the foodie potpourri below.

Dana Cowin: Came from the lifestyle/fashion world and has been at the magazine since 1995. At the time, she told publishers that she believed food would become the epicenter of popular culture. Guess she was right!

Jose Andres: He used to be in the Navy. He's obsessed with the NBA and used to drive an hour to get to one bar in Barcelona where he could watch games on TV. He quipped: "Being able to watch the NBA anywhere - that's freedom!"

Daniel Boulud: He worked as Zakarian's boss at Le Cirque in the '80s where Zakarian worked with now famous chefs like Terrance Brennan. The two talked about how French food is trending once again and Zakarian pointed out how food is like fashion and is cyclical with trends. For those who didn't know, the space that is now Daniel on 65th Street in NYC was one of the former homes of Le Cirque.


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