6/27/2013 04:44:00 PM

Are Dosants the Original Cronut?

The Dosant
Chef Alina Eisenhauer of Sweet Kitchen & Bar in Worcester, MA claims to be the original Cronut inventor, since she's been serving her take on the donut/croissant hybrid, the "dosant," since 2006. There have been numerous stories about Cronut imitators/alleged originals in the press, but today Alina's people decided to send us a dosant to taste for ourselves this afternoon.

The dosant, first of all, is very different in texture than the Cronut. It's much denser, like a croissant (we're not sure if the time it spent in transit had an effect on texture), with a much chewier crust (caked in sugar), and the combo of flavors (the chocolate inside with the caramel dipping sauce) makes it taste much more like a churro than anything else. While this may be one of the first hybrids, Dominique Ansel's Cronut is much lighter in texture with a thinner exterior. Whether you're on team Cronut or team dosant, we can only expect to see more Cronutlike products emerging from the woodwork in the months to come.

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  1. Send me a box of each and I'll let you know the difference and I promise to be completely biased with my review....after I wake up from a long nap after consuming so many pastries lol.