6/10/2013 05:37:00 PM

Al Fico Set to Open at the End of Summer

Whole branzino at Al Fico and Vino Vino
Today Al Fico, the much-anticipated traditional Italian concept from the team behind Vino Vino, gave us the scoop about the chefs, the space on East Second and, most importantly, the menu. The restaurant was originally slated to open in June, but they’re now hoping for a late summer 2013 opening date.

Chef Dean Chambers and Vino Vino chef Jesse Marco are busy developing the entrees, like cuttlefish-ink taglierini with fresh clams, whole branzino (which is already on the menu at Vino Vino) and more.

Chambers’ Italian-born grandfather taught him the basics of red sauce and the rest, and after studying Italian gastronomy in Italy and working as a contract cook for the U.S. military in Afganistan, he headed back to Austin and has been cooking at Vino Vino since 2008. According to the group, Al Fico is intended to be "an homage to the way things were."

A certain Italian that we know was recently lamenting Austin’s lack of fish served whole, head and all. “We weren’t sure if people would be okay with being served the whole fish, with the head and tail, the way they do it in the Mediterranean. But we sell out every night!” says Chambers.

The new restaurant will give the chefs more room to play and patrons more space to enjoy the food and, of course, vino.


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