6/04/2013 09:38:00 AM

A Different Kind of Lobster Roll at Zama

We just showed off 11 Philadelphia lobster rolls you need to try this summer, but there’s another one to highlight, even though it doesn’t quite fit in with the crowd. The “roll” in this case doesn’t refer to a split-top bun, but instead to maki. The lobster roll at Zama was the first specialty roll chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka created when he opened in 2009.

It’s a shrimp-based California roll (shrimp, avocado, cucumber), rolled inside out and then coated with wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe). A topping of Maine lobster salad finishes the dish, tail and claw meat mixed with cucumber and mango in a masago (smelt roe) mayonnaise. Soy-pickled jalapeño is the finishing touch, along with a side of chili-mint-honey mango purée.

Find it at the Rittenhouse sushi stop for $18, and - since it is Philly Beer Week - pair it with a Japanese craft beer, recently returned to the beverage menu after Hurricane Sandy took out the New York distributor (215-568-1027).


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