6/07/2013 12:48:00 PM

6 Old-School LA Donut Shops We Love

It doesn't matter if you spell it doughnut or donut - we prefer the latter - the delicious fried sweet treats are addictive, nostalgic and about 50 more adjectives we won't bother listing here. The raised, the glazed, the twists, the iced, the sprinkled and the jelly filled - we love them all. For National Donut Day today, and any day of any week for all time, we celebrate the donut in all its forms, from the gourmet to the classic and the free, ice cream-filled or beer-inspired. Check out the slide show below for six of our favorite old-school donut stands from around LA. And then get out and get some. Now!


  1. Fun list. In addition the places you mention, Blinkie's Donut Emporium in Woodland Hills is probably the best old school donut spot in L.A. County and Earl's Donuts in Northridge is solid too.

  2. Correction to your list: Stan's Donuts in Thousand Oaks is no longer owned by the Berman family and the donuts have gone downhill since the new owners took over. Stick to the original in Westwood Village, and try the peanut butter banana. You won't be sorry

  3. The best doughnuts are still the ones sold at Bob's in The Farmer's Market. How Blinkies name continues to get mentioned is beyond me. Their product is horrible.