6/24/2013 11:16:00 AM

5 Best Barbecue Restaurants in Chicago

Mmm saucy...
Summertime in the Chi is fueled by fire. Fire on the grill and fire in the smokers. For the smokiest, sauciest and most tender meat in town, taste-test the tried-and-true barbecue favorites in Chicago. Whether it's Texas or Memphis-style, these are the five best 'cue joints in Chicago and beyond.


  1. Who would have thought you could find 5 restaurants WITH NO ADDRESSES! YOU IDIOTS!!!

    1. They want you to buy their box to find out where these resturants are located. That is how they make their $

  2. Nothing easier, as popular or as fun as one of Uncle Bub's Pig Roasts !

  3. Hmm, the photo is of chicago q. Not lillies q. And the fact that its no longer there is funny.