6/06/2013 03:22:00 PM

6 Ways to Celebrate National Donut Day Around LA

Get sticky with Sticky Fingers/Photo: Deborah Benaim
Is there anything more glorious than a full day dedicated to donuts? Tomorrow, Friday, June 7, it's National Donut Day across the country, and we are so all in. You can do something as simple as visit your favorite donut shop for a quick cruller, or hit one of these events going on around town.

Sticky Fingers Doughnuts Pop-Ups
The donut delivery service - yes, it's a thing! - is popping up at two different locations on Friday. At 7 AM, get salted caramel glazed and tiramisu donuts ($2 each), among other flavors, at The Refinery in Santa Monica, and around 11 AM they'll be at Delibar. If you want some delivered instead, email sales@stickyfingersdoughnuts.com or call 323-632-2392.

Morning Commute at Randy's Donuts
If you stop at the iconic donut shop between 7-10 AM on Friday, make sure to get your free donut courtesy of Singapore Airlines. The company just started serving Randy's glazed and chocolate-glazed donuts on some of their flights from LAX (805 W. Manchester Blvd.; 310-645-4707).

ICDC Preview at BLD
In preparation for the new ice cream, donut and coffee counter opening at BLD later this summer, pastry chef Mariah Swan will feature several of her creations - cereal milk glazed, beer caramel with pretzel crunch, fluffernutter, apple cheddar fritters and donut hole profiteroles - at the restaurant all day ($3 for one, $6 for two, $2.50 for each additional one after that). But at 6:30, Swan will hold a tasting at the counter, walking you through all the flavor inspirations and the ICDC concept, with optional beer pairings to boot ($15 for the donut tasting, $12 for beer pairings) (7450 Beverly Blvd.; 323-930-9744).

Ice Cream Donut Sandwiches at Coolhaus Shop
The ladies of Coolhaus have teamed up with the Donut Snob, a gourmet donut delivery service, for a super sugary treat today. Starting at 6 PM at the Culver City shop only, you can get a vanilla bean glazed donut sliced in half and filled with the ice cream of your choice. There is a limited supply, so get there early, or sate yourself with a regular ice cream sandwich, which is a delicious consolation prize (8588 W. Washington Blvd.; 310-424-5559).

Freebies at Krispy Kreme
Get your sweet fix for free at all participating Krispy Kremes around the Southland. Any variety, no purchase necessary, just show up in Burbank, City of Industry, Gardena, Long Beach, Crenshaw or Santa Monica and you're good to go.

Free Churros at La Sandia
You know donuts don't have to be round to be considered donuts, and since churros are basically just long donuts, here's a special deal now through Monday: get a free serving of churros at the Santa Monica Place restaurant with the purchase of any entree. And if you post a photo of your churros on social media using #wherewillyourchurrogo, you'll have a chance at a free year's supply of the sugary spiced treat (395 Santa Monica Pl.; 310-393-3300).