6/18/2013 12:11:00 PM

15 Soft-Shell Crab Dishes to Try Now Around DC

Mintwood Place's chickpea stuffed soft shell crab
Soft-shell crabs are at their peak right now, and restaurants are making the most of it. Chefs are finding imaginative ways to showcase their delicate, sweet meat and crackly, paper-thin shell and claws. Look for them on pizza, in sandwiches and dressed up in Southern, Chesapeake, Asian and European styles. Check out some of the mouthwatering possibilities in the slide show.

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  1. How could you do an article on soft-shells and not include Crisfield's simple yet sensational soft-shell platter? Lightly floured, flash fried, and served with yummy slaw and a baked potato (or other sides of your choosing.) The preparation lets you taste the crab straight up, and the atmosphere can't be beat!! Must have been a momentary lapse of reason - right?!?!