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10 Killer Kale Dishes Around DC

Farmers Fishers Bakers kale salad
Kale was once seen on dining tables primarily as slow-cooked greens from southern country kitchens: it's robust flavors made it a traditional accompaniment to barbecue. But now that it has been hailed as a ‘super food’ by nutritionists, as well as by chefs, who prize its versatility and long growing season, you’ll find it in zesty soups, salads, pastas and sides at restaurants all over town. Here are some top spots that make the ingredient a pleasure to eat.

Beuchert’s Saloon: This Capitol Hill locavore restaurant sautées kale from its own East Oaks Farm in Poolesville, MD, with a garlic soubise and red onion conserve.

Bibiana: This Downtown sophisticate updates Italian tradition with a burnt wheat cavatelli, black kale, coffee fennel sausage, chile and pecorino pasta dish.

Bourbon Steak:  Visit this tony New American restaurant in Georgetown for sautéed Tuscan kale with mortadella that has been crisped in garlic oil, and finished with a garlic confit.
Cork: The 14 St. NW wine bar’s new executive chef,  Kristin Hutter, braises kale with pecorino for a sharp flavor contrast.

Estadio: Modern Spain meets 14 St. NW at this Logan Circle tapas destination. You'll find a classic kale preparation here of sautéed lacinato kale, garlic, sherry and chili flakes.

Eve: At this Old Town New American destination, chef de cuisine Jeremy Hoffman offers a vegan kale and quinoa soup, garnished with fried kale, pickled scallions and parsley, which is a dish that will please carnivores, too.

Farmers Fishers Bakers: This farm-to-table themed American in Georgetown’s Washington Harbour serves a salad, made with both purple and black raw kale, as well as hazelnuts, dates, pecorino romano cheese and a lemon vinaigrette.

Lincoln: 120 lbs of kale are used each day for this Downtown New American's best-selling salad. The greens are hand shredded to tame the tough texture, and mixed with dried fruit, lemon, oil and Parmesan cheese.

Range: Chef/owner Brian Voltaggio’s Chevy Chase kitchen uses the sturdy green for a Caesar salad. Fresh kale is finely chopped à la chiffonade to create a light and airy texture, mixed with a pungent housemade dressing, and topped with a farm-fresh egg. Look also for kale sprouts cooked with ham and pickled apple as a side dish.

Zaytinya: In the Penn Quarter, this happening Mediterranean takes a Greek approach to a kale salad, flavoring it with smoked olives, fava santorini, pistachios and a lemony dressing.

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  1. Oh, you are missing out by not including Thai Tanic's "Bird nest on Fire" in this roundup.