5/15/2013 02:47:00 PM

Zagat: Helping You Find Exceptional Places with Google

Today, Google announced the new Google Maps at our annual Google I/O developer conference. In addition to delivering a tailored map for every person and place, the local search experience features a new 5-star rating system offering quick readability to help you make informed decisions, fast, while providing nuanced fidelity with a 1.0 - 5.0 decimal score.

The Zagat reviews you’ve come to love and trust are still available throughout Google, and of course you can still enjoy all the great ratings, reviews and specialized lists on Zagat.com and in the Zagat mobile app. Now you have the best of both worlds to help you make quick, informed decisions: expert curated user reviews from Zagat plus the opinions of friends and other Google users.

And this is just the beginning. We have quite a bit in store for the next generation of Zagat within Google. In the coming months, Zagat will highlight the most notable places across the Google products you use everyday, like Maps, Search and Google+. Zagat rated places will feature Zagat reviews and curated lists like “8 Best Burritos Around San Francisco” (my personal favorite) to help you find the perfect spot. Our goal is to be the trusted, go-to source for discovering the world's most exceptional experiences. 

We’re excited to be entering this next phase in the evolution of Zagat and look forward to helping you discover great places everywhere.

Gannon Hall, Group Product Manager and Head of Zagat


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