5/17/2013 02:35:00 PM

Wise Sons Deli Expands, But That's Not All

Photo by Flickr/niallkennedy
By Tamara Palmer
Inside Scoop reports that Wise Sons Delicatessen has opened a new commissary kitchen and plans to double in staff in order to increase operations and open a small outpost at the Contemporary Jewish Museum this summer. But this may not be the only good news still to come from Wise Sons. A rumor that the original Mission location might eventually be open for dinner was confirmed by a call to the restaurant this morning, but we were told there is no set date and it could be "months" before the new service is in effect. Still, there's good news in two forms to come from these nice Jewish boys.

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  1. This place continues to be overhyped and overrated. A classic SF restaurant case of The Emperor Has No Clothes.