5/09/2013 10:36:00 AM

Whipped Bakeshop Goes Gatsby With Drunken Daisy Cupcake

This weekend The Great Gatsby hits theaters, and Whipped Bakeshop’s cupcake of the month was designed in honor of the story’s object of devotion. The Drunken Daisy cupcake is as sophisticated (and booze-happy) as Daisy Buchanan herself.

An almond pound cake is filled with housemade apricot preserves, then topped with apricot-brandy buttercream, sprinkled with coral sugar grains and dusted with gold glitter. These sweet snacks run $3.50 each and are available online (here) or by advance order at the Fishtown bakery. Even Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t resist (215-598-5449).


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