5/01/2013 02:40:00 PM

Where Willie Jane's Govind Armstrong Gets His Mexican-Food Fix

By Lesley Balla
In honor of Mexican Food Week, we've asked a few of our favorite LA chefs where they get their Mexican-food fix around town. Govind Armstrong, a native Angeleno, is no stranger to our dining scene, from starting work with Wolfgang Puck at the tender age of 13 to having two recent hits at Post & Beam in Baldwin Hills and the newer Willie Jane on Abbot Kinney. Today he divulges one of his favorite post-work stops.

What's your Mexican-food guilty pleasure?
I really love tacos al pastor. It’s not that they’re that guilty, per se, but I eat them a bit more frequently than I should.

Why do you love it?
The blend of the dried chili rub, the caramelized pineapple and roasted pork is really simple, but in my mind it’s perfect. You don’t need a lot of toppings to enhance the flavor because it’s already cooked into the meat.

Where's your favorite place for al pastor in LA?
Leo's Taco Truck on La Brea and Venice. Every night driving home from either Post & Beam or Willie Jane, I would go past this taco truck that always had these long lines - always a good sign! One night after a long shift, I stopped because I had basically been nibbling a lot through service without actually eating, and I noticed they were roasting their pork on a big spit, so I ordered some pastor and it was delicious. It’s a quick fix... that’s a bit too addictive.


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