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Where Should Martha Stewart's Match.com Dates Take Her?

Image via Today
This morning on the Today Show Martha Stewart met her first two Match.com dates. First up was Stan, a filmmaker who loves dogs, summer and eating. The next potential Mr. Martha was Larry, an international steel trading exec who loves traveling, walking and swimming. Stan gained an early edge by bringing flowers, and Larry showed up empty handed but wearing black hipster frames. After some gloriously awkward chit-chat, the segment ended with promises of first dates. And guys, we're here to help.

Stan, Larry, if you're reading, here are our suggestions for where to take Martha Stewart on a successful first date.

Restaurant: ABC Cocina
Reason to go: This just-opened venture from Jean-Georges is one of the hottest tickets in town, so scoring a reservation will take high-level skill, which we're guessing is a trait Ms. Stewart might like. The space is sure to be right up her alley too, with chandeliers handpicked from the store, and the Latin-leaning menu with small plates is perfect for flirty sharing.
Potential to impress: High, just by getting in

Restaurant: Pearl & Ash 
Reason to go: Open just a few months, it has a buzzy, hip vibe and its tiny, stylish space is ripe for romance. Add to that a serious wine list and exciting share plates, and you have a recipe for date success.
Potential to impress: Middle to high. If Stan or Larry know their wine, they're golden.

Restaurant: Calliope
Reason to go: A charming, under-the-radar choice, this East Village French bistro would most likely be a surprise to Martha, who probably doesn't spend a lot of time in the neighborhood. But its carefully sourced ingredients and rustic farmhouse style are sure to make her feel right at home.
Potential to impress: Midrange.

Restaurant: Le Bernardin
Reason to go: OK, so it's not a subtle choice, but Eric Ripert's French seafooder is our top rated NYC restaurant for a reason; the pristine dishes, expert service and soothing surrounds guarantee a memorable meal.
Potential to impress: High, unless conversation is awkward, in which case the tasting-menu meal will seem interminable. We suggest more wine.

Restaurant: Burger Joint (the new Greenwich Village branch)
Reason to go: Let's be honest; Martha has probably been to restaurants like Eleven Madison Park,  Blue Hill and the NoMad plenty of times. So why not relax, dress down and get all the boring first-date questions out of the way over burgers and beers?
Potential to impress: It all depends on conversation, so this one's on you Stan and Larry.


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