5/03/2013 02:51:00 PM

Where Plan Check's Ernesto Uchimura Gets His Mexican-Food Fix

For Mexican Food Week, we've asked some of our local chefs where they get their Mexican-food fixes around LA. Plan Check's Ernesto Uchimura is known for serving insanely good burgers, smoky fried chicken and donuts at the Sawtelle gastropub (with two more locations on the way), but when it comes to his Mexican-food cravings, he either makes it himself or seeks out his favorite in Lincoln Heights. Hint: It's all about the bread... always.

What Mexican food do you crave most?
One of my Mexican cravings is a torta sandwich made with a great pan bolillo. I like many different versions, and usually I'll just whip up one with pork cutlet and refried beans, al pastor with avocado or hamburguesa with habanero cheese.

Why tortas?
Mostly it's the bolillo bread that I love.

Other than your own, what's your favorite place to find a great torta around LA?
When I'm making tortas, I get bolillos from a panaderia in Inglewood called Jalisco Bakery. Or I'll just hit up King Torta in Lincoln Heights. They makes great tortas.

Photo: Plan Check/Guzzle & Nosh (Flickr)


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