5/02/2013 05:19:00 PM

Where Corner Door's Beau du Bois Gets His Tex-Mex Fix

For Mexican Food Week, we've been asking some of our top chefs and bartenders where they fuel their Mexican-food fire around town. Beau du Bois, a 30 Under 30 winner for his cocktail magic at The Corner Door in Culver City, knows you don't always have to hit a Mexican restaurant, and that Tex-Mex counts, when the craving strikes.

What's your Mexican-food guilty pleasure?
I think the most universal guilty pleasure is just tacos, late night, and my truck of choice, hands down, is Leo's Taco Truck at the corner of Venice and La Brea. But I have little to no will power when it comes to chips and dip, especially when the dip is queso.

Where's your favorite spot to get it around LA?
Every now and then, I'll pop my head into Bar Ama for their Queso Fundido with Chorizo. I always plan on ordering some actual dinner food but just find myself considering a second helping.

Since you're usually behind the bar, where do you like to sip margaritas?
Provided Cari Hah is working, I plop myself down in front of her at Cole's. Cari has an unparalleled appreciation for margaritas, and it comes through in the flavor.


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