5/08/2013 07:00:00 PM

Video of the Day: The French Dip, a Tale From Los Angeles

By Lesley Balla
We don't know why Joris Debeij made this or why, but it is hands-down the cutest way to explain the Cole's vs. Philippe's French dip sandwich war of Los Angeles (hat tip to Hidden LA for posting it). Complete with a narrator and his French accent, interviews with managers of both restaurants and adorable animation, it's a four-minute snapshot of who made the sandwich first. No one will really find out the answer, but we agree that the meat, bread and jus are what make each place stand out from the other.

We like both for different reasons: Philippe's for the women behind the counter double-dipping our bread before they build our sandwich, the hot mustard on the tables, the sawdust on the floor, and Cole's for the sandwich deal at happy hour, the garlic fries and of course the bar. And they make one of the best Sazeracs and Old Fashioneds in town. It's an even tie. All we know is that now we're craving a French dip. Who's buying?


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