5/31/2013 03:00:00 PM

Valerie Confections Opens Today at Grand Central Market

All the recent hype about ‘cronuts’ has us craving sweets, so we’re happy to report that Valerie Confections - the farmer’s market favorite sweet and savory chocolate purveyor - officially opens today at the Grand Central Market Downtown. Expect retro LA coffee shop classics, such as Blum's coffee crunch cake; The Brown Derby grapefruit cake; Chasen's banana shortcake and Scandia's apple cake served at a counter. You'll be able to savor all these along with a $2 cup of coffee, just like in the "old days" before Starbucks. They will also be offering jams and pastries, plus sandwiches and salads, including a Brown Derby Cobb (looks like they have the same idea as the new Palihouse in Santa Monica) and chili dogs by Let's Be Frank.

And while you’re cruising around the market eating sweets, shopping for fresh fruits and veggies, keep your eyes peeled for other favorites like G&B Coffee (from Sqirl) and Sticky Rice, who also have stalls in the market.


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