5/06/2013 04:42:00 PM

Valerie Confections Opening New Cafe in Echo Park

More rose petal petit fours on the way
Quick on the heels of the news that Valerie Confections will open a counter at the Grand Central Market Downtown, here's this: Valerie Gordon and Stan Weightman Jr. have taken over the former Delilah Bakery space in Echo Park, with plans to open a new cafe. The news came via a little blurb in this month's Angeleno magazine, but it's picking up steam among the Echo Park and points-east crowd, so we dug up a few more details.

Gordon tells us that while Valerie at Grand Central Market will serve a menu that's an homage to that location - classic coffee shop food, cakes and pastries - the EP spot will be more of an extension of what they're already doing at their farmer's market stands and shop near Silver Lake. That means sweet and savory pastries, cakes, jams, chocolates, sandwiches and salads, all made with local seasonal ingredients, plus locally roasted coffee and a huge focus on tea. "It's something I'm just in love with," she says about the latter. "We've been doing petit fours and afternoon tea catering for years, so in addition to the sweets, our savory dishes will have tea as an ingredient or will pair well with tea."

As for opening two new spots at the same time, it was serendipity. "The two different opportunities sort of came up in succession," Gordon says. "And both are so unique and exciting, we just decided to do both." The Grand Central market location will debut later this month, and the EP cafe will open shortly after. She and Weightman, who've given Delilah's a bit of a cosmetic overhaul, have two kids, so expect a pretty family-friendly hang. "It's a really sweet neighborhood location, and we think we can make it really special," Gordon adds. "Things happen in twos sometimes. Last year I wrote a cookbook and had a baby. This year it's this."


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