5/06/2013 11:00:00 AM

Two Food Truck Chefs Open Saucy Porka Today

Curry-chicken "baco"
Unite two food truck owners sans trucks, and the result is not a new food truck, but rather a restaurant by the name of Saucy Porka. Open today, it is a joint effort by Amy Lee and Rafael Lopez. Lee owns the Duck ‘N’ Roll truck, which has been off the road since January. Lopez was a chef on the Waygu Wagon. Together, they have a wealth of family recipes rooted in Asian and Latin cuisine, and decided to open a fusion restaurant in the Financial District.

The menu is similar to a food truck's (if the City of Chicago didn’t make it so difficult for them) – appetizers, sandwiches, rice bowls and sweet bites. Also, similar to many of the food trucks, the restaurant specializes in lunch, though, it is open from 8 AM to 4 PM. For breakfast, it serves banana nutella or Azuki cinnamon donut holes as well as chorizo or queso fresco egg banh mi.

The star of the lunch menu is something called a “baco” - or bao taco. Steamed Asian buns are filled with Latin-style fillings such as pork carnitas topped with pineapple salsa as well as sofrito-marinated shrimp topped with Asian slaw and avocado aioli. Fusions make a second appearance is umami nachos and chorizo egg rolls. Overall, Lee and Lopez wanted to menu to transform comfort food with bold flavors and modern techniques.

One more food truck has its hand in the new space. Flirty Cupcakes provides four specialty cupcakes for the restaurant. The Spicy Pork exclusive cupcake is a ginger cupcake with lemon center and buttercream. Sticking to the Asian-Latin fusion theme, a pineapple cream cheese and chocolate-cinnamon with chili powder are also on the dessert menu.

400 S. Financial Pl.; 773-417-6013


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