5/02/2013 01:49:00 PM

The Glass Ceiling Shatters at Spago

If you had lunch at Spago yesterday, no doubt it was a blast, and a glass-shattering one at that. TMZ reported the new skylight shattered during the midday meal amid a room full of diners, including BierBeisl chef and owner Bernhard Mairinger. He was there eating sashimi salad, veal tartare and oysters with his girlfriend when the glass cracked. "I was literally sitting underneath it," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "Of course, [Wolfgang] came out and said, 'I’m so sorry'... I had a full shirt of glass, and my girlfriend got a little cut on the eye and the hand. But we were actually both totally fine." Spago reps told us it really wasn't as bad as reported, no one was hurt and that the restaurant remained open for both lunch and dinner service and is open today.


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