5/07/2013 01:00:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Malloreddus at Filini

We may not be able to pronounce malloreddus, but we had no trouble eating the pasta course last night at Filini. Chef William Johnson recently debuted his spring menu, his first since taking over the executive chef position in December. His version of traditional gnocchi was made with saffron and called malloreddus. The dumplings are a staple in Sardinia, and closer to the cavatelli pasta family than gnocchi because of the free-form shape with a small dimple. The malloreddus were served with lamb meatballs and a saffron dressing.

Other highlights from the menu included a zucchini salad with poached calamari, Calabrian chili dressing and Marcona almonds. Strips of zucchini were intertwined with tender calamari and covered with the spicy dressing. The almonds added the a bit of unexpected crunch to each bite. This spring meal was not complete without dessert. The “milk and honey” was more complex than the name suggests. Layer of creamy panna cota were separated with sweet Mieli Thun honey. This Italian honey is harvested from bees that eat a diet of specific fruits or flowers such as dandelions or honeydew. The result is a rich sweetness with hints of the origin flavor.

Honey geeks can nerd out on the company's website or buy it at J.P. Graziano's.


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