5/22/2013 12:35:00 PM

Tchoup Shop Moscow Starts This Weekend

Tchoup Shop's dazzling soft-shell crab sandwich.
Apparently we're not the only ones obsessed with NOLA-inspired pop-up Tchoup Shop: Founder and chef Simon Glenn sends word that he's headed to Russia for a week to stage Tchoup Shop Moscow. Say what? It all started when a visiting Russian food-lover hit up Tchoup's most recent outpost, Heavy Woods in Bushwick, and "freaked out over the food," writes Glenn. It just so happened the guy has friends who own a Moscow gastropub, the Brown Fox and Lazy Dog. Now Glenn and co. depart tomorrow, with interviews lined up with various media outlets over there, including Gastronom magazine and the radio station Megapolis FM. So, how do you say "Tres Brooklyn" in Russian?


  1. Очень Бруклин.

  2. It's actually "очень по-бруклински" =)