5/03/2013 12:19:00 PM

Tap Eggs for Greek Easter at Opa

Have you ever played the wishbone game, where you and a friend grasp opposite ends of the v-shaped bone and pull, and whoever gets the larger end gets a wish fulfilled? Greeks have an nearly opposite tradition to celebrate Greek Easter: each person taps a dyed-red, hard-boiled egg and against the other person’s, and the egg that resists cracking the longest gets good luck for the year ahead. You can play the egg game at Opa starting this Sunday.

The Midtown Village taverna will be giving out hard boiled eggs as part of the Greek Easter celebration, which runs May 5-9. Other traditions will also be in effect, including a special à la carte menu. Look for roasted baby lamb, mayiritsa (a lemon offal soup), kokoretsi (pan-seared sweetbreads) and chocolate-covered tsoureki Easter dessert bread. Call for reservations (215-545-0170).


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