5/03/2013 06:00:00 PM

Taco of the Day: Pig Skin Taco at The Butcher & Larder

It’s been a very special week filled with salsa, nacho chips and more cheese than our cholesterol-level can handle. But to round things out on Mexican Food Week, we have one last taco. Boy, it is a doozy. Available only tomorrow (also known as Cuatro de Mayo), The Butcher & Larder is serving carnitas tacos in pigskin taco shells. Please take a moment to process that statement. OK the moment passed, because it is also serving pig head tamales. The limit is two per order, and they are only available to eat at the butcher shop. Tacos and tamale service starts at 11 AM.

Miss any of the Mexican-style deliciousness? Catch up on Twitter with the hashtag #MexicanFoodWeek.


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