5/03/2013 08:56:00 AM

Study: The Farther You Travel, the Happier You'll Be

We'd be doing a whole lot of happy tweeting if we visited the remote kingdom of Bhutan; photo by CAPRA Initiative via Flickr
A new study by researchers at the University of Vermont has found that the farther people are from home, the happier the messages on their twitter feeds, BBC reports. Researchers examined four billion tweets from 2011, narrowing their focus to the more than 37 million that were geotagged. They searched for words generally associated with happiness or positive experiences and others for negative experiences. The incidence of happy words dips slightly for short distances of less than a mile from home (i.e. the workplace) and then steadily increases the farther users are from home. Sure, tweets may not be the most accurate judge of a person’s state of mind. But we think there’s something to this link between happiness and long-distance travel. What do you think?


  1. stephenngately , yes this is real and not only photo , this place is amazing in real also..