5/15/2013 02:16:00 PM

Restaurant or Art Installation? Preserve24 Opens Tomorrow on the LES

Located on Houston and Allen Street, new eatery Preserve24 will be dishing out a rustic American menu, with a wood-burning oven churning out fare like fennel crusted veal chop and fire-roasted oysters. Though the food surely is a draw for the good portion of the day (the restaurant will soon be open at 6 AM for breakfast), the decor is the real story at this haunt. The space was designed by the artist Brian Goggin and touches pay homage to the building's former life as a tenement. The dining rooms are designed around an interior courtyard that was converted into an arboretum - on the ground level you'll find a cafe and bar and below ground you can access the dining room by taking a staircase that was built using iron and glass sidewalks from SoHo.

There's also pub bar in the basemen if the ground floor doesn't leave enough space to get you drink on. You can stop by the restaurant tomorrow to check out some of the other unique elements, which range from pianos to boats to ceiling fans made from oars. Paging Stefan! (175-177 East Houston St.; 646-837-6100).

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